Individual, Child, and Family Pyschotherapy

Change your thoughts and you will change your world

Welcome to sloneasytherapy specializing in the treatment of OCD and Anxiety disorders in San Luis Obispo, CA. 


Specializationing in;

ANXIETY, OCD and DEPRESSION for children and adults


Treatment including;










“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional” Our lives are constantly changing, bringing new experiences which can be both enjoyed and welcomed, while at other times may cause us turmoil, conflict or despair. We may move through life transitions and developmental phases gracefully while at other times it can bring confusion and crisis. As your therapist, I offer a calm, safe space for individuals and families to work on these experiences.


"Children who think they are going somewhere behave differently than children who think they are going nowhere". 

I will work along with children and parents to address current issues and problems to improve functioning (self esteem, depression, anxiety, social skills, etc.) and improve relationships.

Using a “Challenge by Choice” philosophy, when addressing challenges, we will discuss strategies, learn techniques and replace unhealthy practices together. I use several techniques including psychodynamic work, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy and narrative. With these approaches we can unfold new ways to move ahead, invite and accept change and improve relationships.