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Lynlee April Olivera, 

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

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I received my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Chapman University (in 2011) and studied Sociology, Criminology and Psychology for my undergraduate studies. I have been working with children, teens, adults and families for most of my adult career.  During these years, I have gained specific experiences working with a diverse spectrum of individuals who struggle with trauma, depression, adjustments, anxiety, grief and loss, communication and relational issues. These experiences have been gained by meeting my clients and families in schools, homes, outdoor and wilderness settings, community, juvenile facilities and foster homes which have helped me develop a broader understanding and how to relate and connect with my clients who may be experiencing a difficult life transition, loss or other adjustment. Today, in my practice, I utilize an integrative approach, using the clients' strengths as the catalyst for change. I have helped many individuals, children, teens and families to improve their perspective, develop new strategies for change, learn healthy coping skills and manage difficult emotions which have helped improve interpersonal relations, moods, heal families, etc. I am passionate about being a therapist and strive to assist clients to achieve a greater inner peace and quality of life.

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